Works for children choir

Published in 2019

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Works for Children’s Choir

For a contemporary Hungarian composer composing children's choirs is a pleasure, a duty and a respectful homage at the same time: homage to the works of the great predecessors, Bartók and Kodály, most of which are known to the Hungarian-educated listener almost as a musical mother tongue. György Selmeczi's children's choirs collected in 2015 are short, light and impressive works worthy of their great predecessors. Their witty lyrics are the captivating lines of children's poems by Béla Markó and Ákos Fodor, in which we can recognize the world of children's fairy tales and folk culture, as the contemporary reformulation of nursery rhymes. The Three Songs is a mini choral cycle of folk riddles and children's sayings.
• Baboon (Béla Markó)
• Cricket (Béla Markó)
• The Umbrella (Ákos Fodor)
• Owl says (Ákos Fodor)
• Three Songs (folk texts)
Works for children choir