Songbook II. "Songs From The Pending City" for Voice and Piano

Published in 2020

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The genre of the song (lied) occupies a special place in the œuvre of composer György Selmeczi, there are hundreds of those songs that spread in manuscript form and on amateur recordings. The composer's theater career is particularly important In this sense: dozens of songs were created as part of incidental music, that often survived the stage production and are regularly heard on the concert stage.

Volume 2 of György Selmeczi’s Songbook contains songs inspired by contemporary and 20th-century Hungarian lyrics, pieces from the song cycle "The Pending City". The protagonist of the series is a city in the "time of distress", Kolozsvár, Selmeczi's hometown, all of the poets are also connected to this legendary city of treasure: Zsófia Balla, Géza Szőcs, Jenő Dsida, Béla Cselényi.

“The Pending City: a mythical topos, a product from the turn of the millennium”, as the composer writes. “The invention of a self-destructing/self-healing generation rich in spiritual and poetic performance: a playful thought on an imaginary, and at the same time very real, European city. A city
where anything is possible, a city with its own specific mythology, incomparable spaces, looks and sounds; and its clowns overcome even the psychosis of grief, loss and incurable self-reflection.”

The volume contains the piano version of the song cycle originally accompanied by orchestra.

• Dances from Kolozsvár (Zsófia Balla) – Ms, pf
• Birch Tree Songs (Géza Szőcs) – Bar or Ms, pf
• Marcus Flaminius Rufus in Kolozsvár (Géza Szőcs) – Bar or Ms, pf
• Fragment (Géza Szőcs) – Bar or Ms, pf
• Rondino – Aunti H.’s Song (Géza Szőcs) – Ms, pf
• Two Songs (Jenő Dsida) – S, pf
• Portrait (Béla Cselényi) – Ms, pf
Songbook II. "Songs From The Pending City" for Voice and Piano