Songbook I. for Voice and Piano

Published in 2020

Available at Rózsavölgyi Zeneműbolt & Webshop: HERE

The genre of the song (lied) occupies a special place in the œuvre of composer György Selmeczi, there are hundreds of those songs that spread in manuscript form and on amateur recordings. The composer's theater career is particularly important In this sense: dozens of songs were created as part of incidental music, that often survived the stage production and are regularly heard on the concert stage.

Volume I of György Selmeczi's Songbook, contains songs inspired by folk texts, classical and contemporary Hungarian lyric. We are not talking about poems set to music, but about through-composed independent pieces, sovereign works.
The volume contains songs with piano accompaniment, song cycles and a solo cantata.

• Three Songs to Folk Texts – S, pf
• Fehér László (folk text) – S, pf
• Gypsy Songs (folk texts) – A, pf
• Two Chansons to Poems by Attila József – Ms, pf
• Goethe at the Danube (Goethe, Esterházy, Pilinszky, Szentkuthy, Weöres) – T, pf
• Dear (Dezső Kosztolányi) – Ms or Bar, pf
• Full Moon (Katalin Kasza) – S, pf
• Minutes volantes (Sándor Weöres) – S or Ms, pf

Songbook I. for Voice and Piano