György Selmeczi: Septuor

Published in 2019

Available at Rózsavölgyi Zeneműbolt & Webshop: HERE

Selmeczi György: Septuor (Septet)

The work composed for clarinet, percussion and string quintet (2013) is a 3-movement cyclical piece with traditional dramaturgy seasoned with programmatic titles (Liaisons dangereuses, Les adieux, Rondo burlesque). In its first movement, the freely treated sonata form exposes excellent thematic contrasts, entertains with great virtuoso instrumental parts, features numerous contrapuntal “adventures”. The second, slow movement is a sensitive night music, the instrumental afterthought of Hungarian laments: tears, farewell. The closing movement is a virtuoso, grotesque, theatrical piece, but this laughter, although loud, still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.
I. Liaisons dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons)
II. Les adieux (Farewell)
III. Rondo burlesque
György Selmeczi: Septuor