Piano Pieces / Pièces pour piano

Published in 2018

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György Selmeczi is an exceptionally versatile musician with an impressive composer œuvre where, surprisingly enough, one cannot find too many pieces for piano, i.e. for his masterfully handled instrument. And it is not by chance. “The composer is a pianist himself” – he explains – “so he exactly knows that the important piano pieces ‘have all been written’ by the greats. Consequently, he does not commonly write a piano composition ‘on purpose’. He prepares drafts for a non-piano piece, collects materials for incidental music or soundtracks for a motion picture, jots down things to see if they can be used for something later… Then a piano piece is ‘created’ from some of those things, memories and experiences. Kind of personal gadgets…”
Exploring Selmeczi’s collected piano pieces we find this personal tone. These pieces are the atmosphere pictures of the romantic piano music, biography inspired album leafs and memories, intimate character pieces of a Schumannian feel, glances, small scenes (kind of „scènes mignonnes”).

La ciné de Margot 2 (Margot’s Cinema 2) – Three Pieces for Piano (ISMN 979-0-801672-42-1)
La ciné de Margot 4 (Margot’s Cinema 4) – Five Pieces for Piano (ISMN 979-0-801672-43-8)
La ciné de Margot 6 (Margot’s Cinema 6) – Suite for Piano (ISMN 979-0-801672-26-1)
Twelve Preludes for Piano (ISMN 979-0-801672-22-3)
Two Nocturnes (ISMN 979-0-801672-25-4)
Piano Pieces / Pièces pour piano