Millennial Ode - Children's Festive Music

Published in 2020

Available at Rózsavölgyi Zeneműbolt & Webshop: HERE

Festive music for children (Millennium ode)

The 5-movement work composed for full orchestra, children's choir and children's soloist was created in 2001 on Millennium ode cycle of poems by Géza Szőcs. The texts are mostly paraphrases of folk texts, so the settings are monophonic with a few exceptions. The orchestra employs a full wood and brass compartment, lots of percussion instruments, piano, and strings. Both the orchestral parts and the choir’s musical material are suitable for amateur performers, and it is also possible a performance with piano accompaniment. The length of the piece is aprox. 10 minutes.
I. Halleluja, zöld furulya
II. Salve Regina, mater misericordiæ
III. Ti megváltó királyok, akikben hinni jó
IV. Hej, regő rejtem
V. Mihozzánk álruhában…
Millennial Ode - Children's Festive Music