Miklós Csemiczky: Further songs from "That's the way you write"

Published in 2021

Available at Rózsavölgyi Zeneműbolt & Webshop: HERE

5 Songs for Soprano and Piano to Caricature Poems by Frigyes Karinthy

Continuing his earlier song cycle of Here's How YOU Write, the composer chose five more poems from Frigyes Karinthy’s well-known volume of Hungarian literary parodies (this time from the second edition of 1920). The wink at history of literature and the parodistic tone are aimed at young people, who have already encountered these poets and their serious poems, which serve as the basis of parodies, many times as school subjects. Humor and virtuosity play a major role in these intimate and atmospheric songs – worthy of Karinthy's curved mirror. The cycle is dedicated to the soprano Éva Bátori, a dedicated apostle of contemporary vocal music, and to the colleague composer-pianist, György Selmeczi.

I. Slop-country (Endre Ady)
II. Pentecost sausage (Attila József)
III. Faith, hope, love (Mihály Szabolcska)
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IV. Dana Ida (Mihály Babits)
V.Epigram (Milán Füst)
Miklós Csemiczky: Further songs from "That's the way you write"