Four Intermezzos

Published in 2019

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The works of Boldizsár Csíky (*1937), the doyen of Transylvanian composers, cover the most varied musical forms and genres in the manner of the old masters. A significant number of orchestral works, cantatas, incidental music, songs, choral works, and chamber music opuses make up the author's oeuvre. The sound and color of the cello particularly captured his imagination, surprisingly he even composed a regular five-movement Mass for solo cello (Missa instrumentalis). His intermezzos, written in 2010, are contemporary reflections of the baroque solo cello suites, the tempo markings of the movements suggest cyclical thinking, but they can also be performed as independent pieces.
I. Con ostinatezza
II. Andante
III. Con eleganza
IV. Energico
Four Intermezzos