György Orbán: Choral Books

One of the most influential and productive composers of the contemporary Hungarian choral music, György Orbán turned 70 years of age in 2017. On occasion of the jubilee the Kodály Choir Debrecen paid tribute to the composer with several concerts. In Orbán's extremely rich oeuvre choral works play a distinguished role, especially the Choral Books written in the 1980ies; the Choral Book in Memory of S. A. (Vol. I-II.), the Second Choral Book Vol. I. and the series called the Book of Medallions. The complexity, depth, dramatism, text sources and the musical-technical structure is genuinely exceptional. Int he 25 movements the demanding, brave musical texture resounds in perfect unity with the poems of Attila József, Domonkos Szilágyi, László Nagy, Sándor Weöres and others. The depth and heights of the human soul, the infinity of nature, desperation, joy, sorrow, solitude, playfulness, charm and grace all appear in these touching special choral works which may well be deemed to be the survival of Bartók's world of ideas, spirit and music.

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