Missa Septima - for mixed choir and organ

Published in 2022

Dedicated to Zoltán Pad and the Kodály Choir Debrecen
Missa Septima

IV.Sanctus – Benedictus
V.Agnus Dei

György Selmeczi has a very significant oeuvre of sacred music: no less than ten Masses, numerous Latin hymns and antiphons, Hungarian religious texts and canticles set to music for solo voices and choir, accompanied by various instrumental ensembles or just the organ... His 7th Mass in Latin (2014) is a missa solemnis, a setting of the entire liturgical text (including the Credo). In contrast to many of the composer's more simply structured masses, No.7 employs a more complex musical language appropriate to the abilities of a professional choir. What is constant, however, is the light playfulness with which the composer connects musical elements of distant musical worlds (baroque, Gregorian, Hungarian folk song) with the greatest naturalness. The Mass is dedicated to Zoltán Pad and the Debecen Kodály Choir.
Missa Septima - for mixed choir and organ